Tappy.Beer Marketplace

Instead of dealing with multiple “accounts” with numerous breweries, on-trade buddies(OTB) in the Tappi metaverse community can easily set up a universal account with Tappy.Beer and easily manage orders and fuel their operation with just a few taps. Tappis are excellent delivery containers besides being BrewMasters. The community's self-maintained delivery fleet will ensure the easiest path for our on-trade customers from A to Z.

An OTB tap to open a bar ---> tap for the beers wanted ---> system sent fleets to deliver ---> done! All processes are lodged with an on-chain ledger and can be easily auditable.

If the OTB is with Tappy.Beer from its startup, it will be able to utilize Tappy.Beer AI managed just-in-time supply chain and saved it from lots of hassles and labour powers as everything will be automated in this case. Tappy.Beer AI algo will determine the time the OTB needs to order supply and process payment and delivery right away. Earning with on-trade business can never be easier on planet earth.