Tappi Beer League (NFT) Meta-Tavern

Tappi Beer League (TBL) is a next-generation hub constructed from a hybrid of DeFi, DeECOM and social media platforms. It is developed for True Beer Enthusiasts (TBE) to “chill and earn” in Metaverse Taverns. True Beer Enthusiasts (TBE) will enjoy the freshest draft beer in front of their computer, with our one-of-a-kind smart countertop beer dispensing system(Tappy Beer™ Machine). TBEs can also earn crypto tokens throughout the metaverse by different mediums. You can choose to act as a Merchant trading beers on the Metaverse marketplace, a Dealer on a poker table, a Game Master for board games, a Bartender or an Entertainer in the Meta-Tavern, a Scholar BrewMaster in the Meta-Academy or even a Bishop in the Summon Temple.